FREE Antivirus Protection?

There are a lot of free anti-virus applications out there…but are they really free? How useful are they? Most internet service providers offer McAfee or Norton for free with their service subscription. There’s a ton of different free choices online too.

Are they the best virus protection you can get for your computer? Not necessarily. In fact, a lot of these free programs will slow down your computer and use up a lot of your computer’s resources. Boot up times will decrease and programs will launch for longer periods of time. On top of all that, most of these programs wont detect a lot of the viruses that are out there. Most free anti-virus solutions don’t have the finances to do updates as soon as they should. So your computer gets slower and viruses can still infect your computer.

What’s the good of that? I personally would rather not have protection at all!

What can you do about it? Most paid anti-virus programs will do a much better job at finding viruses. CompRite recommends Trend Micro Internet Security as the best protection. It has a lot of amazing features, it’s super simple to use, and it’s one of the programs that takes up the least amount of system resources. In opposition, we have found that McAfee and Norton take up the MOST amount of system resources and slow down your computer the most.

Ultimately, safe internet browsing is the best bet against viruses. Not downloading fishy programs, files, or email attachments, not using peer to peer programs such as torrents and frost-wire, and staying away from possibly infected websites is the BEST way to keep your computer free of viruses.


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