How to make your laptop or desktop up to 7x faster!

So you want to make your desktop or laptop computer faster but don’t really know how?

Here’s the secret: most modern laptops include a 5400rpm (that’s 5,400 revolutions per minute) hard drive. The read speeds average between 50MB to 100MB of data per second. And most desktop computers include a 7200RPM (7,200 revolutions per minute) hard drives. Most modern Intel and AMD processors can process data much, much faster than these slow hard drives. So what can be done?

You can replace your computer hard drive with a faster one. There are a few choices that you can get:

- 7200RPM Hard Drive (100 to 150MB per second read speed)

-10000RPM Hard Drive (200 to 250MB per second read speed)

-Solid State Hard Drive (355 to 700MB per second read speed)

So if you upgrade your current hard drive of your computer to a solid state hard drive for instance, your computer may start up and run up to 7+ times more faster! Another bonus is with solid state hard drives, there are no moving parts, so it’s less likely to break compared to it’s older spinning platter hard drive options. It’s almost like running your computer off of a super fast USB flash drive!

Come into any of our 5 Portland, Vancouver, Gresham, Clackamas or Milwaukie stores near you and we can get this done! We sell all the drives listed in this post and we do installations of it. Best of all, we can upgrade your hard drive without losing your programs or data!

What are you waiting for? Stop by any of the following locations today!

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