We buy, sell, trade, & repair used cell phones!

I’m surprised at how many of our customers don’t realize that we are a cell phone retailer also! We have hundreds of phones and one of the largest cell phone inventories in the northwest! We sell both new and used cell phones without any contracts that are jailbroken, unlocked, flashed and/or rooted for all carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, Boost Mobile, and more!

AND IF YOUR PHONE IS BROKEN, we repair all phones including iphones, blackberries and android devices! It’s quite common that people will crack their screen or digitizer on their smart phones and we can get that fixed right away!

WANT TO UPGRADE YOUR PHONE? Trade your old used cell phone in and we’ll buy it! Get the next greatest, hottest phone on the market by stopping by the CompRite store near you!


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