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iPhone Repair Vancouver WA

Vancouver Used iPhone Super Store

Your local iPhone experts in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas.

CompRite is your local Apple iPhone repair and sales experts for all your iPhone needs in the Vancouver, Washington. CompRite’s main focus is getting you the iPhone you want without a contract! Whether you are looking to buy a used iPhone for T-mobile, AT&T or Verizon or getting your iPhone repaired in Vancouver, we can help! We Buy, Sell, and Trade Used iPhones in Vancouver WA. Need some cash? Bring in your iPhone smartphone and we will buy it! Want to purchase an Apple iPhone without a contract in Vancouver? We got it! Visit your local Vancouver cell phone store location near you!

CompRite Wireless unlocks, jailbreaks and flashes iPhones!

CompRite’s repair technicians can jailbreak your Apple Iphone for all those free Cydia apps and unlock your Apple iPhone to other carriers such as T-Mobile or Cricket in Vancouver,  WA!

Need Your iPhone Repaired?

Our technicians in Vancouver commonly repair broken LCD screens, digitizers, home buttons, audio jacks, and charging ports on Apple iPhones!

Need Accessories for Your iPhone?

We have cell phone home chargers, car chargers, iPhone batteries, covers, cases and screen protectors for our customers in Vancouver, WA. Let us know what you need!

CompRite is your one stop shop for all of your iPhone and cell phone needs in  Vancouver, WA. Give us a call today at 360-828-0564 or drop in to any one of our five locations throughout the Portland Metro and Vancouver, WA areas.


Vancouver Washington
iPhone Repair and Used Phones

6300 NE 117th Ave Unit B-1
Vancouver, Washington 98662
Tel. 360.828.0564
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 AM – 7 PM. Sat: 10 AM – 5 PM


Need Internet? We sell Clear and Xfinity!

If you are looking to get a fast internet service connection at your home or on the go, we can help you get connected right away!

What is Clear?
Clear is a super fast mobile internet connection with 4G and 3G speeds. It is also available as a home internet connection as well.

What is Xfinity?
It’s the new Comcast. It’s home broadband internet service which offers the FASTEST internet possible. Nobody else in town can offer speeds as quick as Xfinity.

Need an anti-virus for your internet connection?
Get the best protection on the market, stop by with your laptop or desktop and we can install Trend Micro Internet Security. It detects more viruses than it’s competitors, takes up less resources, has tons of features and is simple to use. Get your copy today!

We can also help create a home or small business network to share this internet connection and we can make your computer access the internet wirelessly whether it’s a desktop or a laptop.


Remote Computer Assistance within all 50 states!

We offer remote repair of any computer problems within all 50 states!

We can remove viruses and spyware, fix and install printers, install software, configure wireless networks, remove pop-ups, fix errors all remotely without you ever having to leave your desk!

There are some exceptions however…Your computer must load Windows and must have an live internet connection.

Contact us at (503) 928-3151 to schedule a remote assistance call today!


Five Reasons To Create A Home Network

A home network will allow so much extra features, it’s incredible! A laptop computer in an upstairs bedroom will be able to print to a printer in the downstairs office. A media center desktop in your living area can be used to show a movie on a computer connected TV in your own bedroom.

1. Sharing of Data, Files and Printers

You will be able to share multi-media files and data across the computers in your home. It will give you a lot more flexibility than when you have to use flash drives, CDs or floppy disks. You can set up your network to allow all the computers to share one printer, a folder, Webcam, network scanner or CD burners, which can save you a ton of money!

2. Sharing High-speed Internet

The home network will allow you to link all the computers in your house and all could share the same high-speed Internet access. Ther is no more need to share you computer with someone else and the great advantage is the fact that everyone on your home network will be able to browse the Web at the same time.

3. Backup

You can setup one computer that stores the backup of all files from all or certain computers. So if your computer crashes, you can still access the files on another computer taken from the backup.

4. Parental Controls

With a home network, you will be able to control what your kids are doing on the internet allowing you to teach them to use the Web properly. It will give you control as you can block complete access to potentially unsafe as well as inappropriate contents on the Web. You can have control over the search engines as well as list creation where you can block some sites completely.

5. Saves you money and gives you flexibility!

Instead of buying a printer for every computer, you can share one printer between 5 (or more) computers. Need to continue your finals paper upstairs because the computer downstairs is being used by someone else? Just do it! Need wireless internet in every room of your house? You got it.

CompRite offers on-site in house service for creating networks, sells all network related hardware and parts and can assist you to do it yourself! It’s not as complicated as you think! Contact us today.