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5 Most Common Computer Upgrades

Wondering why your computer is slow on the day your project is due? Does it lag up and freeze from time to time? Does Windows take forever to start up?

You might be asking all these computer questions to yourself from time to time. You may have a good anti-virus protection program, you de-fragment and run disk cleanup every month, but it’s STILL slow.

Well, the truth is is that most computers that stores sell are just basic everyday computing computers. They are usually low on system RAM memory, sometimes below the recommended specifications by Windows. We especially saw this when Windows Vista was released. Big box stores were selling desktops and laptops with Windows Vista that only had 512MB of RAM. What’s recommended by Microsoft? 1,024MB (or 1GB). What does CompRite recommend? At least 2,048MB (or 2GB).

Now why would stores sell computer with below recommended specs? To keep the computer costs down. So most people are stuck with computers that have below the recommended amount of RAM memory and therefore their system runs slow no matter what you do to it…EXCEPT by upgrading it.

CompRite has almost every part you will need to upgrade your computer. If you went from 512MB of RAM up to 2GB, you’d see a HUGE HUGE performance increase in your computer. And it’s not expensive either.

Here are the top 5 most common computer upgrades that you can do today to your computer:

1. Add RAM Memory to your computer for instant speed increase.

2. Upgrade or add a new hard drive for more storage. Add the capability to store thousands of extra documents, pictures, music and videos!

3. You can add wi-fi wireless internet connectivity to your desktop computer. This removes extra cables and wires around your computer desk area.

4. Upgrading the version of Windows can make a big difference in speed and performance as well. Windows 7 runs much faster than Windows Vista even on the same hardware.

5. Add a RAID Setup. This can create an on-the-fly backup system which stores 2 copies of every file you change, created, or edit. Don’t lose your valuable information and this is especially handy if you run a small business at home or at your office.

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