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Dual Core, Quad Core, Hex Core…What does it all mean?

So you’ve heard of dual core, quad core, hex core computers before, but you’re not sure which “core” processor you need? Let’s break it down a little.

Most modern computers today are all dual core or quad core. More are dual core. If you’ve heard of Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 processors, or their rival AMD Athlon X2, these are mostly all dual cores.

A dual core processor means it can process twice a heavy load as an earlier single core processor can. It doesn’t mean it’s twice as FAST, which most people tend to think. How it works is the processor runs on it’s first core until it’s at max capacity, and then, instead of freezing your computer up to wait for the processes to finish, it jumps over and continues processing on the second core, third core, etc. So it can process twice the load, but it doesn’t make your computer twice as fast.

But the more cores, the more newer the processor, which also means that it will have newer technologies. An Intel Core i5 processor rated at 2.5Ghz is going to run a lot faster than an old single core Intel Pentium 4 rated at 2.5Ghz. This is because newer technology is incorporated into the chip, thus making it faster. IE: Hyper-Threading Technology.

Most people don’t need anything beyond a dual core now a days unless you do heavy graphic or video design, CAD, or gaming. The quad core and faster processors are much quicker for those who do heavy computing. But it’s also nice to boot up faster to check your email on the go, instead of waiting 5 mins just for the computer to boot up!

Dual core is sufficient for almost everyone. Quad core and beyond is for heavy users.

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